What to expect from an Executive Coach?








What do coaches do that brings such dramatic value to you?

You and your coach first forge a partnership built around your most important goals.

Then your coach helps you identify your strengths and potential blindspots

Next your coach helps you leverage your strengths, grow skills and manage any weaknesses in areas of strategic importance in your career.   Your coach helps you be tenacious and undistracted while moving ahead on your most important goals.

Finally your coach helps you stay accountable to yourself in following through on your developmental commitments, while at the same time providing support, encouragement and celebrating with you your successes.

What do you look for in an Executive Coach?  Recent studies suggest the importance of Certification in Executive Coaching, business experience, integrity, high emotional intelligence, comfort relating to top management, political savvy, organizational awareness, flexibility and creativity, the ability to think on one’s feet, and also the ability to give honest, straight forward feedback.