“What benefits would you obtain if your clients trusted you more ?”

Trust is the foundation of all successful relationships. A brilliant book on the subject is : ” The Trusted Advisor “  by David Maister, Charles Green and Robert Galford. They open their work with a question:

” What benefits would you obtain if your clients trusted you more?” 

They go on to explain that the more your clients trust you, the more they will:


  • Reach for your advice
  • Be inclined to accept and act on your recommendations
  • Bring you in on more advanced, complex, strategic issues
  • Treat you as you wish to be treated
  • Respect you
  • Share more information that helps you to help them, and improves the quality of the service you provide
  • Pay your bills without question
  • Refer you to their friends and business acquaintances
  • Lower the level of stress in your interactions
  • Give you the benefit of the doubt
  • Forgive you when you make a mistake
  • Protect you when you need it (even from their own organization)
  • Warn you of dangers that you might avoid
  • Be comfortable and allow you to be comfortable
  • Involve you early on when their issues begin to form, rather than later in the process (or maybe even call you first!)
  • Trust your instincts and judgments (including those about other people such as your colleagues and theirs)