What are limiting beliefs costing you ?

” Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”  -   Henry Ford

You can create your own inner state. You can choose to believe whatever you want. If you have certain beliefs that do not serve you or aren’t accurate, you can reframe them to more powerful perspectives.

Limiting beliefs cause us to be afraid, they keep us from taking action, they limit our possibilities in life, or they make us come across as victims instead of as successes. 

At the other hand, we stay safe and secure. That are the benefits we might receive from a limiting belief. They are automatic and if we let them, they can sabotage our success.  It takes time, courage and discipline to make a new and more empowering belief habitual, especially after we have been carrying around other beliefs for so long.

Would you rather be safe or successful ?

What are the biggest limiting beliefs you have about your career, success and achieving your most ambitious goals ?

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