“The Success Principles”

By Jack Canfield

This is a big book (over 400 pages)… but easy to read, because it is filled with short stories, quotations of famous people and cartoons.
Very entertaining, as is Jack Canfield, a very famous motivational speaker in the US.

You may find out there are just “too many” advice to choose from (64 principles!); still you can pick just a few and get an excellent return from your reading-effort!

There are six parts, out of which I have selected a few pieces of advice, that can help you in coaching your subordinates:

1. The Fundamentals of Success
“If you keep doing what you have always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got”
“Give up blaming”, “give up complaining”, as this creates no value
“Pay attention to results, results don’t lie”
“Look for the opportunity in everything”
“Success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration”; so: no wonder that most successful people are action-focused!
Persistence: “ask repeatedly, until you get what you want” (see my practical advice on this, further below)
“Use feedback to your advantage”
2. Transform Yourself for Success
“Recognize your positive past”
Stop a few minutes every evening to review where you could have been more
“Transform your inner critic into an inner coach: talk to yourself like a winner”
3.Build your Success Team
“Stay focused on your core genius”
“Build a powerful support team, and delegate to them”
“Once you have chosen your team, trust them”
“Say no to the good so that you can say yes to the great” => focus your actions and your team’s actions on maximum returns
(Pareto: 20% of your activity produces about 80% of your success)
Find a mentor
“Make time to listen”
4. Create Successful Relationships
“Tell the truth faster”
“Speak with impeccability, as your words have power and create ripple effects”
“Practice uncommon appreciation”, as that is what motivates employees the most
Lead by example
5. Success and Money
“Serve more, as service always come back multiplied”
6. Success Starts now
“Empower yourself by empowering others: when you lift up others, they will lift you up”.