One of the best ways for anyone to be better at sales and marketing is to just relax and be more likable.  People really are attracted to folks who are genuinely likable.   Showing interest in others, listening to their concerns about the product or service, understanding their needs all add up to you being someone your clients or customers might actually like.

Keep in mind this does not work unless you really are interested in people.  The really good marketers and sales people are successful because they have an interest and a concern for the welfare of others.  This comes naturally for some, but others have to cultivate their likability factor.  If this is a challenge for you, it is important that you recognize the problem and start purposely taking an interest in the people around you.  It can take practice, but you can become more interested and involved in others’ lives.

Let me be very clear, being likable is an excellent way to increase sales and business connections, but it must be sincere and not an act.  Most people can quickly see through those who are just manipulating them to get a sale.  So how likable are you?