Power of positive feedback by Tom Rath

Tom Rath (from Gallup) has written a pleasant short book on the power of positive feedback, called “How full is your bucket?”His story is that we all carry an “invisible bucket” where we store all the positive emotions we receive, coming from positive feedbacks, thanks, praise, etc…
When our “bucket” is full, we naturally have a positive outlook and feel highly energetic.
Then, as managers, we need to “fill” our subordinates’ bucket regularly with positive emotions, so that they too feel positive and energized, and thus achieve even more.
On the contrary, if we consistently download negative feedback to our colleagues, their “bucket” risks being emptied, and they will quickly lose their enthusiasm and energy.A couple of statistics for consideration:
Number one reason why people leave their jobs: because they don’t feel appreciated
9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they are around positive people
the “magic” ratio: 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction with others