Marshall Goldsmith

Workshop 8 Feb 08 in The Netherlands ( Financieele Dagblad): Workshop Succesgoeroe Marshall Goldsmith  Highlights: Telling the world how smart we are ( smart succesful people) -Turning that down is extremely difficult.Passing judgement – help more, judge less  (destructive comments – stabb co-workers in the back)  Too much of our lives is reduced by that  

Feedforward- no feedback about the past- you cannot change the past ! Do not ask probing questions.

“No, but or however”- pay 20 US dollars — 21 = 420 dollars lost ( I know more than you do, I am better) No I agree with you. It is incredibly difficult for smart succesful people to hear ideas we have already heard.  All what came before is insignificant

What family’s member is getting the most recognition ? The dog ! The dog doesn’t talk back ! The dog is happy to see me ! The dog is a suck up. If we are not careful, how do we treat people at work ? Like dogs !

Play favorites – 1. How much do they like me 2. how much are they like me ? 3. How do they relate to customers and co-workers ?

Win the big stuff : “is it worthed ?” ( All the rest, take a deep breath)

Do not try to change everything- Let ‘s get something