Inspiring leadership

How to have a jumpstart.

  • How can you make your intial meetings a success ? Focus, be present and connect with everyone before the start.

Create a safe environment and trust

  • How can you ensure long-term development while having short-term deadlines ? Safety : ”we won’t get hurt” . Trust : walking the talk

 A safe environment supports the risk-taking and vulnerability that are essential steps toward meaningful learning and growth- and the safer, more trusting and more intimate the group, the greater its potential value to its members.

Is it growth or struggle ?

Most growth actually looks exactly like struggle and if we’re took quick to jump in we may be depriving the group of its most valuable experiences. Start asking questions:

  • What growth might result if I hold back ?
  • What opportunity might be lost if I intervene ?
  • Am I worried about the group … or myself ?

Take accountability for failure

What can be learnt from things that go wrong ?

Feedforward. Ensure you are not viewed as the source of the objective truth ! 

How we respond to praise is as important as how we respond to criticism.

What I am sensing here is that .. Could I make a suggestion for the future ?