Keep fueling your team’s aspirations

Keep Fueling Your Team’s Aspirations
Harvard Business Publishing -Management tip of the day  – adapted from John Baldoni

With the recession’s consequences piling up and no end in sight, it’s harder than ever –- and absolutely crucial –- to keep your team engaged and motivated to improve and innovate. But even in a resource crunch you can fuel their aspirations to make better products, develop more skills, and advance their careers. The trick is the right combination of realism and positivity. Acknowledge the constraints you’re all working under while emphasizing what you can accomplish together. Focus on execution: getting the work done and done well. When you show you’re taking control where you can and delivering concrete results for the company, you send the signal that, despite the recession, your team can make a positive difference. You’ll not only keep their aspirations alive, you’ll sustain yours, too.