Intention versus drift

The power of our thoughts or “intention ” has a direct impact on the outcomes we experience.
Many of us simply forget to reflect on what we intend to accomplish on a moment by moment basis. As a result, we drift through the day and find ourselves ” caught” into less than desirable situations bringing less than desirable results and experiences.

Strategies to live by design and not by default :

-Visualizaton : What outcome do we want  ? How will we feel when we have it ? What emotion do we want to experience along the way ?

-Anchoring: Once we experience in our mind’s eyes what we want to achieve, we can ” anchor” the positive emotion and know we will recreate it in the future.

- Using affirmations or simple positive self talk: saying repeatedly a positive statement or intention to achieve something can be very powerful to keep us focused.

- Stopping before we embark on a different segment of our day and asking ourselves: What do I intend to experience in the next moment of this day ?

 – > When did you set an intention and remained ” on target”. How did you manage to keep your focus ? What worked best for you ?

– > What do you intend to achieve in the next few days. What strategies will you apply to avoid drifting and to ensure you remain focused ?