Guarantees I can give my clients

We cannot guarantee a specific outcome for the client and we should make this completely clear to our clients (potential or existing) right from the outset. But that is not where the conversation should end.

Here is a list of the guarantees I can give my clients:

I can guarantee to be focussed on their coaching needs;
I can guarantee to be objective and consistent with my feedback;
I can guarantee to be passionate, committed and present for them (thanks Jeff );
I can guarantee to be genuine, supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic;
I can guarantee to keep them accountable to their own commitments and core values;
I can guarantee to listen to what they are saying and what they are not saying;
I can guarantee to be honest in my feedback – firm when necessary, and always with their best interests in mind;
I can guarantee to be a reliable sounding-board, and not afraid to ask challenging or confronting questions;
I can guarantee to be professional, punctual and trustworthy; and
I can guarantee to provide them with best coaching I am capable of, at all times.

I believe that, if you enthusiastically, sincerely and genuinely offer these guarantees to your clients, the only reason why they would decline coaching, is because they are not committed to it… At least, not yet!