Focus versus trying to do it all

When we set goals for ourselves, we are full of enthusiasm for having decided to persue them. In our enthusiasm we may try to take on more than we can reasonably handle because we want results as soon as possible, or we may feel we should have done this sooner and need to make up for lost time. It is important to maintain reasonable expectations of what we can do.

Focusing allows us to concentrate on what is in front of us and take the small steps that will build toward the larger goal that we have set for ourselves. In this process, giving ourselves time and space to relax, enjoy life and just have quiet time scheduled instead of feeling like we constantly have to be doing something or we won’ t be productive.  

It can be challenging to pursue goals, while still trying to live our normal life, go to our job, deal with our home life and relationships, and still take care of ourselves. If we stay on the path, focus on what we are learning and keep the larger picture of goals in front of us, we will get there. Along the way we need to honor ourselves, take care of ourselves, and have some fun and rest in the process.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Do not scatter your energy by trying to do it all. Focus on what you want, take the steps and enjoy the journey !