Dropping the ball

Ideas That Can Change Your Life TM

J. Skinner, R. Krueger, M.V. Hansen

Most people are trying to juggle too many things. They are inundated by one task after another, all seemingly important and in need of attention.

Dropping the ball means letting go. It means focusing in on the one or two truly important things in your life and dropping everything else. It means grabbing on two one or two really important balls and running with them, instead of remaining stuck in one place with all your balls up in the air.

Lesson 1: Courage

Dropping the ball requires courage. It requires the courage to say “no”. Learn to say “no” with grace !

Lesson 2: Reality check

Do a reality check. If this is left undone, what will really happen ? Is there really any significant downside for just dropping it and ignoring it altogether ?

Try dropping a few of these balls and see what the result is after 90 days.

Lesson 3 : Hand off the ball to someone else.

Virtually all succesful people have developed support teams that pick up the details for them so they can focus on truly important things. Insist on completed staff work !  

Lesson 4: Eliminate urgency

Working on the important prevents the urgent !

Lesson 5: Treat your own time as precious

Other’s perceptions of us are the result of our perception of us !

If you do not see your time as being supremely important, neither will the people around you. If this happens, your life will be filled with small things. Other people will drop their balls on you. They will ask you to do trivial things and invite you to trivial events.

However, if you see your time as being extremely valuable, others will too. They will respect your time.

The only way to get time for the important is to ignore and neglect the unimportant. May you reach your goal in style.