Discover your MOJO !

By Marshall Goldsmith

Mojo is that much-desired sweet spot in an organization’s year, a sports team’s season, or an individual’s career where everything is going the right way-and success builds upon success.

In MOJO, bestselling author and renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith explains that having mojo means controlling three elements: – Identity (Who do you think you are?) – Achievement (What have you done lately?) – Reputation (Who do other people think you are? What do other people think you’ve done lately?) .

But understanding mojo isn’t enough. Knowing how to acquire, maintain, or even recapture it is what really counts, and Goldsmith uses case studies from his own high-profile clients as well as from the lives of public figures like John Travolta and Richard Nixon to illustrate how it’s done.

MOJO will show that momentum in business, organizations, as well as individual lives and careers, is easy to define and quantify; there’s a clear cause-and-effect relationship between mojo and success. With Marshall Goldsmith’s help, readers will learn a revolutionary new way to jump-start – and capitalize on– their own mojo.