Create consistent cashflow

In order to create consistent cashflow, you need :
  1. Clarity  : Get clear about your ideal client (Who are you extatic to serve ?)  -Who are you competing with ? Be clear what you offer – position yourself as a problem solver . What are their challenges, what results do they want,  what keeps them up at night ? Create your message for your clients versus react to your business with fear. Let people self-select. Your clarity pulls your ideal client to you.
  2. Certainty (NOT comparison with competitors) : Price yourself higher and sell your services based by packages based on clients results and commitment (3 months) and not by hour. Remove your prices from your website: It is all about value.
  3. Consistency: You must market consistently to attract people to your list (compelling offer to provide email address) connect & relate with those people and market consistently even after they buy from you. Build your automated list. Consistent Marketing brings Consistent Results,  sporadic marketing brings sporadic results. Your website needs to attract, connect and sell. Use social media to build an authentic image.

Referrals are the one of the best ways to get business.

Make the decision now to create consistent cashflow. I look forward to working with you.

Great People, Consistent Results