Coaching process

I came to very interesting insights in todays ICA class on the coaching process :

In coaching, you will attract people with the same stuff you have been trough yourself. This is very mystical- PEOPLE WILL FIND YOU. There are coaches with whom it does not work because they do not have a connection with your issue.

What do people want ? Safety, predictability and a CONSISTENT world. So people come to coaching to become able to add something to their safe world. They want to succeed in life.

However there is a proportion of people that does not want to succeed in life, they will self-sabottage. The more you put your ego away in life the better : EGO CREATES FEAR IN OUR LIVES- keep us safe – we do not move.

People want to change the behaviour of their husband or boss however, people will have to change the way they SEE their husband/ boss.

In the coaching process, the ABILITY TO CONNECT with other human beings is more important than the knowledge. There is also a  BALANCE to be found in what the client needs (otherwise it is the coach’s agenda) and allowing what needs to surface.