Behaviours that create or break trust

Dennis and Michelle Reina, founders of the Reina Trust Building Institute and the authors of “Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace”, discussed in the article titled “Building Sustainable Trust” (pdf) the behaviours of people we are and are not inclined to trust.

We are inclined to trust people who…

■Are self-aware.
■Take responsibility for their role in the relationship.
■Demonstrate that they consider the best interests of others rather than just themselves.
■Do what they say they will do.
■Practice the values they tell us are important to them.
■Are willing to recognize and consider both sides of the story.
■Listen and respond to our needs and interests.
■Are willing to think about what they have to give as well as what they hope to receive.
We are NOT inclined to trust people who…

■We experience as selfish and self-absorbed.
■Do not demonstrate an interest in the needs of others.
■Are not willing to accept responsibility for their actions.
■Gossip/talk about others behind their back.
■Blame others without looking at their role in the experience.
■Make snap judgments and draw conclusions before hearing all the information.
■Are not open and receptive to the ideas and views of others.
■Change the rules all the time.
■Are inconsistent in their behavior so we don’t know what to expect from one interaction to the next.
■Distort the truth by omitting information for their own purposes.

Considering your behaviour over the past week, are you someone who can be trusted?