Arthur and Walter


Hi Kathleen,

This is a true story.

I have to share it with you. You’ll understand why in a minute.  Quite a few years ago there were two friends: Arthur and Walter. Arthur was a well-respected man in the community. A friend to everyone he met. As reliable as the day is long.

His buddy Walter was different. You might say he was a dreamer. A visionary. Someone willing to take big chances. And he expected big payoffs.

One day Walter confided in Arthur … told him of this wild-eyed plan for a new kind of family entertainment. Walter said he’d already made a deal to buy the necessary land to build on. This was going to be big. Really big.

Because they were friends, Walter gave Arthur an insider tip. Some would say it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Walter told Arthur to buy up all the property surrounding the land he would soon build on. Walter was convinced this property would increase in value many times over as his new entertainment venue grew in popularity.

Arthur was excited. Immediately he could see the potential for massive profits. They would certainly come fast and furious.

Money was not a problem for Arthur. He was a wealthy man. He also had many important connections. He could easily borrow more money of he needed.

But then he hesitated.

First he questioned Walter’s concept. Soon he began to think of many reasons why he should not move forward. Finally, he simply abandoned the whole idea. Fear, insecurity, other people’s negative opinions, and a whole host of imagined disasters got in the way. Too bad.

You see, 57 years ago, Arthur, better known as Art Linkletter, walked away from an absolute gold mine in the tiny, undeveloped town of Anaheim, California. That’s where his friend, Walt Disney, built his first amusement park – the beginning of an  entertainment dynasty worth billions.

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If you did, that’s pretty awesome. You’re in for a treat.

If you haven’t registered yet, will you make the same mistake Arthur made? I’ve seen it happen before. A moment’s hesitation leads to self doubt and ultimately to failure. You could lose out on an amazing opportunity. You shouldn’t let that happen.

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See you there!

John Assaraf