A bet against a champion is a bad bet

There’s an old saying in performance: A bet against a champion is a bad bet. After interviewing, coaching, and competing against these people for 25 years, I agree with this age old statement. The championship mindset doesn’t know how to quit. You can kick them, beat them, reject and discourage them, and they just keep coming. Just when you think they’re beat they will come back, and at a moment’s notice. These people are unafraid to lose which means they always play to win. When most people are playing it safe they’re going for gold. It’s a mindset, personality style and learned set of world class beliefs, and all it requires is a decision to do it. Anyone with the courage to challenge traditional, middle class thinking has the potential to become a champion. If you’re of them, you already know it. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?”

-Steve Siebold, author, Die Fat or Get Tough