10 Leadership Lessons From The World’s Greatest Leaders”

- by Laurence Winmill(c) Laurence Winmill. All Rights Reserved.



Since the beginning of mankind every one of us needs and
benefits from leadership, whether it’s religious, social,
family, educational, governing, professional or business.
The fact is that without leadership there is simply no
direction or path for us to follow.

Typically when you mention the word leader, historical names
spring to mind. Political or Governing leaders include
Winston Churchill, George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Julius
Caesar, William Wallace, Lenin, Mandela, Gandhi, Thatcher,
Kennedy, the list goes on.

All of these names have left their mark in history -
they have inspired millions to follow their example,
in some cases with magnificent results and in others
quite catastrophic.

But what all leaders seem to have in common is summed up in
a quote by Vance Packard (The Hidden Persuaders) -
‘Leadership appears to be the art of getting others to want
to do something you are convinced should be done’.

You see whether we talk about Jack Welch and General
Electric, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela or whoever,
there are a number of key leadership strategies or
principles that you can take on board and implement to
benefit your own organization:

1. Become a great communicator – you may have a great idea
but unless you can convince the masses your unlikely to

2. Understand and learn about the people your leading -
Differentiate between Delegation, Coaching, Directing and
Supporting people within your organization. You must
identify who falls into which category.

3. Be prepared for Criticism – but stick with your core
values and beliefs.

4. Stay Focused – Do what you do best – Focus your
energies on your core business.

5. Become an Expert in your field – Learn to do what you
currently do even better – Own your niche.

6. Cut Cost and waste – eliminate unnecessary waste and your
profit margins will improve.

7. Focus on Time Management – Spend your time working on
those projects or initiative that yield the highest

8. Embrace change – don’t fear it.

9. Become a leader, act like a leader – source new ideas
encourage innovation and make sure it spreads
throughout the

10. Earn respect and give respect to everyone who
shares your vision and values.

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About the Author

Laurence is a motivational speaker, trainer and author. He specialises in Customer service, sales and marketing. During his career he has sold a diverse selection of products & services with significant results. Laurence has managed at the highest level and built, dismantled and rebuilt some of the very best sales teams in Newspapers, Advertising, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals.


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